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Letter From The Publishers

Leap into 2018

  We are happy to invite you to join us in celebrating the magazine’s fresh, bold redesign introduced this month for 2018 and beyond. It’s all intended to serve you even better, from the new logo, snappy layout and larger graphics to the overall crisp look and feel aligned with the times. It represents the…

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Local Articles & Spotlights


By Linda Sechrist

How They Differ from Health Store Supplements by Linda Sechrist Savvy consumers seeking products that might help them achieve and maintain good health may be noticing two new categories: medical…

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10,000 Steps and Counting

By Kathleen Barnes

Keep Moving to Stay Fit by Kathleen Barnes We have become a nation of couch potatoes. The average American takes only 5,900 steps a day, somewhat better than the sedentary…

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By April Thompson

on Why Science Finds Faith a Healthy Choice by April Thompson Physician Harold G. Koenig, an international authority on religion, health and ethical issues in medicine, has dedicated his career…

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Expect a miracle

By J. Marie Novak

Five Ways to manifest Our Desires by J. Marie Novak According to a Pew Forum study, nearly 80 percent of Americans believe in miracles. When we think we can’t handle…

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Healthy Weight Kids

By Amber Lanier Nagle

Food Choices that Prevent Obesity by Amber Lanier Nagle Small changes in daily eating routines translate into healthier weight for America’s kids In 2010, President Obama and Michelle Obama launched…

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Kick the Plastic Habit

By Avery Mack

Choose Earth-Friendly Alternatives by Avery Mack Grocery bags, bottles, cups and straws comprise much of the 9.1 billion tons of plastic manufactured worldwide in the past 65 years. Once discarded,…

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News Briefs

Digestive Care Specialists in Ann Arbor

InnerSpace Holistic provides more than 30 years of combined experience in digestive care and colon hydrotherapy. Brandy Boehmer and Nancy Gurney are colon hydrotherapists, certified through the International Association of Colon Therapy (I-ACT). Gurney previously owned Creative Lifeflow, in Ann Arbor, for more than 10 years and joined InnerSpace Holistic in November 2017 and is…

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Winter Yoga Retreat in Northern Michigan

Song of the Morning, a yoga retreat center located in the north woods of Michigan, will hold a healing and restorative weekend retreat, Spiritual Refreshment and Relaxation, that begins January 12 with a 5 p.m. dinner and concludes January 14. The tranquil sanctuary will offer guided meditations leading into the simple and ecstatic depths of…

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Try Using a Health Coach this Year

Radhika Kakarala, M.D., MS, CHWC, owner of My Peak Wellness, is offering Introduction to Health and Wellness Coaching Conference calls from 1 to 1:30 p.m., January 15, 22 and 29. “Most people set new year goals to improve their health and wellness with very little success. When you work with a health and wellness coach,…

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Learn to Act From a Professional

Registration is underway for Redbud Productions’ 19th season of their Winter Acting Class for Adult & High School Actors, taught by local teacher, director and actress Loretta Grimes. Using the techniques of acclaimed acting teacher Sanford Meisner, sessions will focus on emotional work, improvisation and scene study. Classes take place from 3 to 6 p.m.…

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Michigan Farm to Family Offers Neighborhood Delivery

Michigan Farm to Family, a door-to-door organics wholesaler, now offers locally raised, organic and GMO-free meat, dairy products and other local, healthy food options throughout lower Michigan. Instead of delivering direct to the home, Michigan Farm to Family recruits location leaders that provide their driveway for the company van to park, where customers meet to…

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Acupuncture Clinic Expands Services in New Digs

Asian Healing Traditions Acupuncture Clinic has relocated to a medical facility on the west side of Ann Arbor at 3200 West Liberty, Suite C6. Co-owner Meagan Duggan Bretz, RAc, has added an additional acupuncturist Melea Alexander, RAc, as well as massage therapist Kim Brown, LMT. Bretz says, “We are able to offer more appointments and…

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Volunteer with Natural Area Preservation on MLK Day

The city of Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation will lead Ann Arbor residents in volunteer service from 1 to 3 p.m., January 15, at Barton Nature Area, to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They will join hundreds of thousands of people across the country on this national day of service, answering…

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Natural Movement Promotes Natural Health

Pharmacist Arnold Andreasen, the founder of Prescription Movement, wants to help people live a better lifestyle by focusing on improving their daily habits. He says, “Natural movement is a lifestyle you can take with you wherever you go. I am level 2 certified in MovNat,” an affiliate Gym with MovNat, as he has a long…

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Apprenticeship Studio Creating Permanent Roots

The Michigan Folk School has a new campus and is holding an online fundraiser through December 15. With a goal of $40,000, the contributions will be matched by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. One of their goals is to have a person certified in natural building code and skills to help others get started on…

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Remodeled State Theatre Opens This Month

The Michigan Theater Foundation (MTF) will reveal the newly remodeled State Theatre, located at 233 South State Street, on December 8 for members and December 9 for the general public. The State Theatre was built in 1942 and designed by architect C. Howard Crane, who also built the Fox Theatre, in Detroit. MTF purchased the…

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Health Briefs

Mercury/Autism Brain Research Alert

As the debate rages between health officials and vaccine critics about possible links to autism, mercury seems to be a specific bone of contention. It has long been present in the form of thimerisol, a preservative that inhibits bacterial contamination. Under government pressure, amounts have been reduced by the pharmaceutical industry to trace levels or…

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Lutein in Greens and Eggs Slows Cognitive Aging

Healthy diet options of spinach and kale may also help keep our brains fit. In a study from the university of Illinois appearing in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 60 adults between 25 and 45 years old having higher levels of lutein, a nutrient found in green, leafy vegetables, avocados and eggs, had neural responses more…

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Eating fish at least twice a week may significantly reduce the pain and swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis,in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the joints, creating swelling and pain. Studies have already shown the beneficial effect of fish oil supplements on rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, but a new study of 176 participants at Brigham…

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Alcohol has been linked with cancer in about 3.6 percent of cases worldwide, due to the presence of acetaldehyde, which damages DNA and prevents it from repairing itself. A study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention that involved 200,000 people found a distinct connection between white wine in particular and melanoma, the deadliest type…

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Hemp Oil Cuts Seizure Frequency in Half

Research from the New York University Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center has found that cannabidiol, a non psychoactive extract of hemp oil, significantly reduces seizure rates in epileptics. Scientists there tested 120 children and young adults with epilepsy and found that the cannabidiol group’s number of seizures per month decreased from 12.4 to 5.9 compared to…

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Global Briefs

Wellness Works

Corporate Programs Boost Health and Bottom Line Corporate wellness programs are linked to a 25 percent reduction in absenteeism and sick leave, 25 percent reduction in health costs and 32 percent reduction in workers compensation and disability costs, according to a 2016 meta-analysis of corporate wellness studies by Edelman Intelligence. For details, visit Image:

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Veggie Doctors

Cardiologists Urge Plant-Based Hospital Meals The American College of Cardiology (ACC) is advising hospitals in improving patient menus by adding healthy, plant-based options and removing processed meats, which have been linked to 60,000 cardiovascular deaths annually. The ACC Heart-Healthy Food Recommendations for Hospitals states, “At least one plant-based main dish should be offered and promoted…

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Eco Pesticide

Safer Product Controls Citrus Pests The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Pest Regulation have approved CRS Plus, an aerosol pheromone biopesticide product that disrupts the mating cycle of Aonidiella aurantii, also known as California Red Scale (CRS). Pheromones do not kill or damage the target insects, and are species-specific, so pollinators and…

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Recycling Crusade

San Francisco Moves Toward Zero Waste The San Francisco Department of the Environment’s list of materials allowed in blue recycling bins has been expanded to include plastic bags, paper coffee cups, ice cream containers, milk or juice cartons and textiles; it is also downsizing refuse bins. It’s all part of a shift to using dualcompartment…

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Meatless Millennials

Young Vegetarians Worry Meat Industry. The 2017 Chicken Marketing Summit in North Carolina involved hundreds of leaders from fast-food chains, marketing agencies and poultry production companies discussing the fact that Americans are eating less poultry—and what to do about it. Richard Kottmeyer, a senior managing partner at Fork to Farm Advisory Services, explained that Millennials…

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Eco Tip

Recreate Comfort

Secrets to Better Furniture A new year can prompt us to refresh the look and feel of our home. Eco-minded individuals may wish to spruce up a treasured piece of furniture or find a replacement that’s light on environmental impact. Consider wood furniture made from sustainably harvested forests and tree farms or reclaimed wood. Find…

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Erase E-Waste

Regift or Recycle Smart Phones When replacing holiday purchases of smartphones and other electronic devices, don’t just trash the old ones. Manufacturing electronics consumes many resources and discarded waste can leak harmful chemicals into ecosystems. There are far better ways to redirect and repurpose them. Besides trading in phones for a rebate, another good option…

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Oil Spoil: How to Properly Discard Cooking Oil

Holiday meal traditions that kick off with a Thanksgiving turkey and continue through festive meals for New Year’s can produce lots of cooking oil and grease waste. Following proper disposal procedures protects both the environment and home plumbing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that vegetable oils and animal fats share common physical properties and…

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